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We are a non-profit company that was founded in 2019 that provides sports and exercise. The name Styring® comes from our ancestor Styrbjorn the strong who was a famous Viking. Be strong is our motto and we encourage individuals to be the strongest version they can be.


Our clothing range is perfect for sports and exercise or even just for casual wear. This clothing brand was inspired by the founder Alex Crawshaw who found sports and physical activity beneficial to his mental health recovery and now wishes to help other people get physically active to boost their mental health and encourage strength training for all individuals.

We provide online exercise therapy to encourage therapeutic sports and exercise to boost mental and physical health and even help prevent mental and physical health issues. We also provide strength and conditioning and personal training with a focus on strength training and hope to get people to fulfill their potential in life and be as strong, as muscular, and lean as the individual can be.


Our future objective is to create our own football team and provide football for all abilities.

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Check out our Styring Clothing Range

Check out our sports and exercise clothing and mental health clothing that promotes mental health awareness and all our profits support individuals with mental health issues. Our sportswear and mental health clothing are perfect for all occasions but encourage individuals to get physically active to boost mental and physical health. 

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exercise therapy for mental health

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exercise therapy

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind"

William James

Online Exercise Therapy

Exercise and sports have been proven to be as effective for mental illness as certain types of medication. Online exercise therapy from our mental health therapist or coach is about using therapeutic exercise and sports to boost mental health.

Our online mental health fitness trainer uses cognitive behavioral therapy that concentrates on developing rational thinking and self-acceptance, developing an exercise routine that concentrates on building strength through gym-based exercises or bodyweight at home, and we provide nutrition advice to gain muscle or lose weight.


You will be supported by email and even if you are not mentally unwell you could benefit from our online exercise therapy. We aim to prevent mental illness by providing therapeutic sports and exercise. We aim to improve happiness and confidence to provide optimal mental health and even prevent physical health problems.

Strength and conditioning 

Our online strength and conditioning and personal training concentrate on strength training and we specialize in football . We help individuals develop power, speed, agility, endurance, and obviously strength. From amateur to pro we support individuals to develop optimal mental and physical health and be the strongest version they can be. Our strength training programs are perfect for beginners or even advanced-level trainers.


Strength and conditioning for football are necessary to perform at your best. We develop a plan that focuses on the deadlift, squat, push press, bench press, and Olympic lifts. The most physically mature youngsters usually dominate at the youth level and our philosophy is to develop optimal strength levels to dominate your opponents and develop power. Our football strength and conditioning are vital for all ages and we provide a nutrition plan to optimize your performance.


Our football team will be launched in 2023. Our aim is to provide football therapy and create a mental health football team in Nottinghamshire to provide social inclusion and fun fitness for individuals with mental illness and to prevent mental illness by providing a football team that promotes mental health awareness.


All our profits will go towards supporting individuals with mental illness and our future ambition is to create a gym. We are currently working with the football team Ashland Rovers to promote mental health awareness and further our cause.

football strength and conditioning coach

Goalkeeper Coaching

Our goalkeeper coaching in Nottinghamshire is coming soon. Join us for group sessions and 1-2-1 coaching for all ages above 6 years old.

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