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The name Styring originates from the Viking age, and the founder Alex Crawshaw's ancestor, Styrbjorn the Strong, who was a famous Viking.
We are more than just a football club or clothing brand. We aim to be a community of individuals, who wish to be the best version they can be, through the power of sports.

Our future objective is to provide football for all abilities in Nottingham. All the profits will go towards creating opportunities for more individuals to play football, and provide our mental health football team.



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"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind"

William James


Styring provides online holistic coaching and mentoring. We aim to help you to fulfill your potential, via the power of football. 


The objective is to help you to become the best football player you can be and improve your technical, physical, psychological, and social skills.


We cannot promise that we will make you a professional football player, but we can make you a better athlete and help you to become the strongest, fastest, fittest, and most agile you can be.


We promote growth, development, and self-improvement. helping you both personally and professionally. 


"My experience was great. Quick delivery and quality product. My vest is made from quality material, the cloth is soft and it fits perfectly. Excellent customer service. I will purchase it again."


Sharlene Davis on Trustpilot

"Great fitness coach, fantastic clothing range that supports a good cause, mental health. I have worked with Alex for a few months 1-1 PT sessions, very knowledgeable, would recommend"

Luke Dallisson on Google review

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