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Holistic Coaching and Mentoring

Our coaching and mentoring provide a holistic approach to help individuals fulfill their potential in life and to be the best version they can be. 

We help individuals develop rational thinking and self-acceptance which develops a positive mindset by building, confidence, motivation, and self-awareness, and helping them achieve goals.


Through using cognitive behavioral coaching techniques we help with removing obstacles that are stopping individuals from achieving their goals such as limiting beliefs and confidence issues. 

We promote sports and exercise to boost mental and physical health and use strength and conditioning techniques to boost strength and even help individuals to compete in sports or just to be healthy

Kids Playing Soccer

About us

With experience in healthcare, sports, and business your coach and mentor Alex Crawshaw have the experience to help all individuals to fulfill their potential in life. He is qualified in healthcare, life coaching, and personal training. He is currently doing a post-graduate diploma in coaching and mentoring and a foundation degree in sports science. In the future, he will commence a Doctorate

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Kids Playing Soccer

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