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Soccer Practice

Styring Club

 Our coaching club helps you to be the best athlete you can be. We specialize in strength training for football, but we can help anyone who wishes to grow and develop through the power of sports, and exercise.


Sports has the power to bring people together and has been proven to benefit both mental and physical health. Further studies have concluded that team sports, such as football, can provide enhanced confidence, social inclusion, and improved teamwork.

We help you develop with a holistic approach, both physically and mentally. By optimizing your mindset, helping develop motivation and confidence, and to achieve your goals through using coaching and mentoring techniques such as encouraging rational thinking, which is known to boost mental health.


The aim is to help you fulfill your potential in life, both personally and professionally, and to play football, or other sports to your full potential ability.

We offer free online group coaching and anyone is free to join the Styring club and be a part of a community of individuals who wish to be the best version they can be.

Meet your coach

Your coach Alex Crawshaw is qualified in coaching strength training with British Weightlifting. He has over 5 years experience of coaching football. He currently doing a Doctorate level 8 in Strategic Management in football, and has achieved a post-graduate diploma in coaching and mentoring within sports organizations and a foundation degree in sports science.

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