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Football Therapy For Mental Health

Mental Health and Football Coaching

Do you know a cool-down after a football game is just as important as the warm-up activity? Regular sports reduce the symptoms of mental health issues. Of all the highly intensive sports, football is one of the major contributors to positive mental health. People with mental health problems also report having reduced anxiety and stress levels due to their weekly football games. Research shows that regular kickabouts can boost mental health, a sense of purpose, and social confidence.

Football has that positively beautiful impact on people with mental illnesses and distress! So if you're struggling with mental distress due to higher anxiety levels or reduced self-esteem, it's your time to shine. Get football coaching for mental health challenges from the industry expert at Styringcic! We sponsor the team Ashland Rovers in Kirkby-in-Ashfield to promote mental health awareness. Our future objective is to create our own Sunday league team to provide social inclusion and promote mental health awareness.

Our mental health football team known as Notts Styring will be launched in Nottingham in 2023 and we aim to provide football for all abilities. We aim to create a Saturday and Sunday league team and a disability team. Our future aim is to move up the leagues and be competitive.

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Alex Crawshaw

Alex Crawshaw is a sports and mental health expert. Having worked in sports and exercise for 12 years and over three years in mental health exercise, he is qualified to blend cognitive behavioral therapy with football coaching.

Alex has achieved a 250kg deadlift, 180kg squat, and 130kg bench press. He aims to achieve a 300kg deadlift along with a doctorate to support more people. It's good news for you if you're planning to render football coaching.


How Does Football Therapy Work?

Our football therapy is aimed at adolescents and adults experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties and to prevent mental illness.. Football therapy involves sports and thoughts philosophy to allow for better mental health. Our expert football coach fuses football, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic thinking to create a supportive space that stimulates thought and acts as a catalyst to encourage behavioral and emotional changes. We aim to provide support between sessions and we are open to alll individuals.

Football Therapy in Nottinghamshire

Have you been looking for the best-tailored football therapy in Nottinghamshire? Styringcic brings to you affordable and expert football therapy in town and our mental health football is highly beneficial for both mental and physical health.. Our expert coach has worked with many athletes and individuals to offer world-class therapy. We will provide email support between sessions and provide mental health support.

Please contact us to register your interest and our groups should be running in the near future.

As a non-profit organization, our profits are directed to supporting people with mental health challenges. So by signing up for our football therapy in Nottinghamshire, you'll directly support individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental illnesses.

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