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Styring aims to provide quality football coaching for ages, 4 to 16, in Mansfield and Nottingham.

Led by FA-qualified coaches, we aim to help individuals develop and grow holistically both psychologically and physically, and to help fulfill the potential of the individual, through the power of football.

Respect, enjoyment, and friendly competition are our main philosophy, our aim is to provide a positive environment for young footballers to gain confidence and provide social inclusion. We take mental health very seriously and aim to provide optimal mental well-being.

Football has proven to benefit individuals both physically and mentally, by providing enhanced teamwork, improved social skills, and helping individuals to lead a happy life. 


The objective of our coaching is to help individuals have fun and make new friends. Positive peer pressure is a key element to optimal well-being. Our aim is to boost the confidence of youngsters and provide essential life skills, through coaching and mentoring. 

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Our sessions will be hosted in Nottingham in the near future, please email us to confirm interest.

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