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goalkeeper coaching

Goalkeeper coaching

join us for goalkeeper coaching and training in Nottinghamshire. FA qualified and experienced. Join us soon.

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Goalkeeper training

Join us for goalkeeper training in Nottinghamshire. Group sessions will be hosted in Nottingham for all goalkeepers aged above 6 years old. We work on all aspects of goalkeeping and provide nutrition and gym-based advice. Our aim is to boost mental and physical health and provide psychological support for all goalkeepers as it is the most demanding position in football. We provide strength and conditioning for goalkeepers and provide email support between sessions.


Your coach Alex Crawshaw played for Woodhouse Colts and Teversal Youth and has over 25 years of playing experience and has coached at the semi-pro level at numerous local teams including Ashland Rovers. Alex was passionate about strength training and had elite strength levels including a 250kg deadlift and 180kg squat. Illness and injury ruined his potential chance of a professional career but he aims to eventually work in professional football and help as many people fulfill their dreams as possible. He is FA qualified and is currently studying for a degree in sports science and strength and conditioning.

Please contact us to declare your interest and we hope to see you in the near future.