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7 Tips To Improve Your Mental Health

A man struggling with mental illness

Self-care is more important today than ever. Everyone’s struggling with mental health. Know that taking care of yourself isn’t selfish. Instead, you can care for your loved ones more effectively when you look after your mental health.

Here are simple changes that you can make in your life to improve your mental health. You don’t need to spend a fortune on these changes. Start today and see the positive results yourself!


Everything comes from within. The first step to improving your mental health is accepting who you are. Accept that you’re different and feel confident in your skin. Figure out your shortcomings and work on them. Self-acceptance is all about that!

2.Be Active

We understand how little time you’re left with after a hectic work day. However, you can take out some time to stay active. Exercise therapy for mental illness is one way to improve your emotional and mental health. You can sign up for our online mental health training programme, where our expert coach will cater to your mental health needs.

3.Eat Healthy Diet

When we say a healthy diet, we mean brain-healthy food – something that supports your cognitive and mental functioning. Food such as nuts, beans, fresh fruit, omega-3s, avocados, and leafy greens are brain-healthy. Please include them in your meals to improve your brain functioning.

4.Find A Pastime

Taking a break to enjoy leisure time is as important as being active. Prioritise your mental and emotional health with a good hobby. Take time to relax, do yoga, meditate, read a book or try arts and crafts. These pastimes can magically boost your mood.

5.Beauty Sleep – A Must!

Do you “one more episode” your way through the night? And before you know it, it’s three in the morning? We’ve all been there. As much as that new show or book is enticing, night sleep is important. Make sure you don’t skimp on night sleep.

It’s a good practice to sleep for 6-8 hours but what matters is that you sleep on time and wake up on time. Ditch your digital pacifiers and sleep early.

6.Socialise More

You may not feel it right now but making meaningful social connections makes a world of difference in your mental health. Especially an in-person conversation with someone who understands and actively listens can boost your mood.

However, we recommend not treating someone as a human punch bag to throw off all your emotional baggage. Instead, reciprocate and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Two people showing support for each other

7.Seek Professional

Nothing compares to getting professional help. Talk to mental health coach online or sign up for our exercise therapy for mental health. Styring Community Interest Company offers online personal training mental health. Alternatively, you can also donate to the cause to support people struggling with mental health problems.

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