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Strength training for footballers

For example, the most physically mature youngsters usually dominate at the youth level in football and it is possible to dominate the opposition at any age with the correct strength training program. Various studies have concluded that strength training for football is highly beneficial and being the strongest version you can be is essential to perform at your best. At Styring we promote the push press, jump squat, squat variations and deadlift variations for optimal progress and doing a upper-lower split over 4 days. Speed deadlifts and squats which means doing the deadlift/squat at 30-80% of 1rm can be highly valuable for athletes and focusing on being explosive.

My personal experience from deadlifting 250kg and squating 180kg meant I was extremely dominate at amateur level and my strength was a valuable asset.

Contact us for our online strength and conditioning and be the strongest version you can.
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