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Online exercise therapy for mental health

Exercise therapy for mental health and preventing illness uses exercise therapeutically to boost mental health and physical health. We aim to prevent mental illness by utilizing optimal nutrition and encouraging sports and exercise. We use psychological techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy to provide rational thinking and develop self-acceptance. Our online exercise therapy and personal training are perfect to boost mental health and we provide mental health support via email or just a confidential space to vent your issues. Not mentally unwelll? It does not matter, our exercise therapy is the perfect solution to develop happiness and wellbeing.


We specialize in strength training, and your coach Alex Crawshaw has over 12 years of experience in sports and exercise, over 3 years of experience working in mental health, a post-graduate diploma in healthcare, a level 4 and level 5 in healthcare, a level 5 in counseling and life coaching and a personal training level 3. He has achieved a 250kg deadlift, 180kg squat, and 130kg bench press and now is aiming for a 300kg deadlift and completing a Doctorate. Alex has worked with numerous individuals and aims to provide world-class service.

Lifting Kettlebells
Workout with Ropes

You can train in the gym or from home using bodyweight exercises. We will create a tailored exercise routine and nutrition plan based on your training history. When you get your membership you will be emailed with questions about your lifestyle and training history and also preferences. We will set goals for you and aim to support you to gain strength or lose weight.

We provide support between sessions and can provide emotional support via counseling skills and psychology techniques. We also offer accountability, and support and we aim to reply within 24 hours.


Are you ready to shed some pounds? Or is your goal to improve mental health? You need to adopt positive behaviors. Our mental health exercise therapy is the right place to start. Our goal is to support people in their quest to boost their mental and physical health. All you need is personal assistance that is tailored to your needs. Our experienced trainer will help set goals for you and what you expect from this therapy. Don't have enough time? Our online exercise therapy is just as good! Our home training also includes bodyweight exercises.