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Strength Training Service

Online strength coaching
Strength training is one of the best activities you can do for your health and science has proven this. We promote being the strongest version you can be and lifting heavy in the gym for optimal mental and physical health. 
We work with all sorts of clients but we specialize in strength training for sports. We also aim to help individuals develop a positive mindset and to fulfill their potential in life through coaching and mentoring. 

Your online strength coach and personal trainer Alex Crawshaw is highly passionate about strength training and football. With over 12 years of experience in strength training, and over 25 years of football playing experience and has so far achieved a 250kg deadlift, 180kg squat, and 130kg bench press. 

     Qualifications completed
Level 2 Counselling

Level 3 Personal training

Level 4 Health and social care

Level 4 Life skills coaching

Level 5 Professional life coaching and counselling

Level 5 Health and social care

Level 7 health and social care management

        Qualifications to be completed

Level 4 and level 5 Sports science

Level 7 Coaching and mentoring

Doctorate of professional studies in September 2023

Weightlifting exercises
Exercise in the Fitness Room
Why Do You Need Strength Training?

Strength training can enhance the quality of life. Alternatively, known as resistance training, strength training uses the resistance of muscular contraction to build endurance, the size of skeletal muscles, and strength.

The purpose is to improve your ability to play sports or exercise and to take care of everyday activities. This training is also beneficial in protecting your joints from potential injury. The more you build your muscle strength, the more balanced life you lead. It also reduces the risk of falls and maintains independence even in old age. Our strength training is perfect for all ages and focuses on the deadlift, squat, and bench press. We help with technique and we cater to all abilities.

Strength Training Services

Our online strength training services are tailor-made to carve a new you and our online service can even help prevent mental health issues. The training influences your mind, body, and soul – which is the only way to cultivate a balanced life. By signing up for our strength training services, you get to enjoy these five benefits:

  1. Muscle Tissue Maintenance: because your growth hormones decrease as you reach 30, your muscle starts to lose 8% to 10% of tissues with each decade. But you need your muscles for basic metabolism. With our strength training, you can maintain your muscle tissues, worry-free.

  2. Strength Boost: our strength training aims to improve your ability to lift heavy objects. Once you begin this program, you'll see much improvement in doing daily chores and improve your ability to play sports and exercise.

  3. Bone Health Improvement: we focus on improving your bone density, ligaments, and tendons. The stronger your bones are, the fewer risks of developing osteoporosis and bone fracture.

  4. Body Fat Control: once your muscles build strength, your calories burn effectively. The more toned muscles you have, the higher your metabolism and reduced fat.

  5. Reduced Injury Risk: your higher muscle strength will reduce the risk of muscle injury and falling. Our strength training services develop stronger bones to decrease the severity of falls. Even if you do fall, the increased muscle strength will make your body resistant to pain, ache, and injuries.

Lifting Weights

Sign Up For Strength Training Services

Our online strength training services include a holistic approach to improving well-being. Our services fuse mental health and physical health philosophy so that you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. We aim to help individuals be the strongest version they can be and we promote team sports such as football to boost mental health but whatever your current strength levels are you could benefit from our service and we help beginners and even advanced level trainers. The following is included:

  • Unlimited email support

  • Personal training program

  • Form review by video

  • Access to free application

  • Nutrition support

  • Accountability

  • Motivation


The exercises may differ for each individual based on their goals and needs. Nonetheless, the outcomes will be best suited to your needs. Sign up today for our strength training services online.

    Contact us

To find out more about our strength coaching please contact us with any questions and we will send a questionnaire to determine your goals and how we can help you.

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