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Strength Training Service

Our online football strength and conditioning and personal training focus on helping individuals fulfill their potential physically in football and develop optimal mental and physical health.

We focus on strength training and aim to make individuals the strongest version they can be for football and to provide a holistic service.

The mental health of individuals is a big issue currently and our coaching concentrates on developing rational thinking and self-acceptance.

Lose weight, build muscle and gain strength.

Lifting Kettlebells
Barbell with Weights

Join us for Strength and Conditioning 

Your football strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer Alex Crawshaw is highly passionate about helping other people and is currently studying for a foundation degree in sports science and will be studying for a master's degree in strength and conditioning in the future, he has a post-graduate diploma in healthcare, a foundation degree in healthcare, and a level 3 in personal training.


Alex has achieved a 250kg deadlift, 180kg squat and 130kg bench press, so he has vast experience in strength training and is now aiming for a 300kg deadlift. Alex has also played football for over 20 years as a goalkeeper and has coached numerous local teams after quitting playing at age 32.

Our Techniques

We use strength and conditioning techniques and provide exercise routines that will be customized toward your short-term and long-term goals and will focus on strength training, we specialize in strength training for football. We promote the deadlift, squat, bench press, and overhead for optimal gains but it could also just be bodyweight at home. We also promote team sports such as football to include social inclusion and the fun part of enjoying sports.


We recommend joining a gym for optimal progress but we tailor a routine based on your requirements. Our philosophy is to lift heavy to produce maximum gains and we aim to help individuals both mentally and physically using a holistic approach.

You will receive a personalized nutrition plan that is realistic to stick with and we educate individuals to sustain this long-term. You will know how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats to eat and you will get delicious recipes.

We provide motivation and accountability and you can contact us at any time via email. We aim to reply within 2 hours.

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